Capstone Course

Application Process for Continuing Education Clock Hours – WSU SSW CE & PD Department

The Continuing Education and Professional Development Department is looking to provide many more events, and opportunities for social workers to obtain CE credits. That means that course creators need to know how to apply, and what is required of them to follow state guidelines and the services we provide. Our department comprises of 2-3 members, so in order to make this process manageable, we needed to ensure learners/users could navigate the process on their own, with tutorials. This process was mostly in person in the past.

Design Plan – In Process

To be able to use this project for my Capstone Course, I agreed to work on this outside of work hours. Due to the timeframe, the goal of public applications was moved to be accomplished over the summer, but it was still added into the design plan. Since learners/users are varying in so many ways, it was decided that multiple versions of this process would be necessary to manage these applications.