Advanced Learning Design

Community Living Centers LLC. – Training the Trainers


My group was tasked with creating training for the managers of each household at the CLC, to streamline and improve their trainings for new employees. It was my favorite project in the whole program because I had amazing team members who wanted to help the CLC just as much as I did. To know more about the timeline, gaps, empathy maps, and problem statement review the links below:

My Role

I worked collaboratively on most parts of this project. All members worked on the presentations, empathy maps, attended interviews with managers, and worked on google docs and Canvas together. Also, each manager had their own ways of training, so we decided to make a Canvas that included tips and tricks for improving the retention of information. We tried to keep the text as simple as possible to ensure it did not waste the time of house managers. The main part of my contributions was the tips and tricks for trainings in the kitchen and for the first aid kit. An example of my content:

“Stories can act as the glue that makes information stick. It can also be an opportunity to talk about the residents.┬áLet the DCW (direct care worker) know if there are any fun stories related to the residents, any fun dinner time stories to make it feel more like a home.”

I cannot provide links to the Canvas course, so I provided some of the content that was put into the CLC Manager Canvas Course: