Bio Sketch Study Group

What is Bio Sketch Study Group?

Drawing has helped me immensely throughout my academic career, especially in my recent Histology class. Concepts that were confusing when written out,became much clearer when drawn out. I want to share my experience with other like-minded students as we continue learning and teach skills that can help throughout the rest of their careers.

This group is designed to assist Biology students through the use of art and related media. This is for students that need a relaxing activity, but cannot take time away from their studies to de-stress.  We will instruct members on how to draw out concepts, which can improve note taking techniques. Our focus is to review important biology concepts, translate them into drawings (or even other forms of art!), and discuss what we have accomplished. In this way, we hope to add another layer to the learning process.

Study Sessions

Most sessions will explore more basic Biology concepts while using mnemonics, typography, drawing, and more.  For a normal study session, we plan to use study rooms in the Undergraduate Library. The giant white boards in these rooms will allow everyone a chance to participate and display their skills. When we work together, we improve together!


We will also plan events to encourage the use of new art mediums and attract new members.  Events can include Canvas Painting, Jewelry Making, Wildlife Sketching, and much more. New members will be able to introduce themselves at any point, and catch up to the rest of the group through our social media sites. We plan on posting pictures and explaining our findings to our sites as a way to catalog our progress.