Learning Design

Learning Design is many things to me. Mainly, it’s to create designs that make lives easier, to help others work or live happier. Lately, I have been enjoying creating tutorials for software, streamlining processes, or converting them to digital formats. I love collaborative work online, especially through Zoom, Office 365, or Google products. I enjoy playing off the ideas of others, to make the best solutions. As an adult with autism, I appreciate working with others who are patient, or let me express myself through text.

I would be thrilled to work at an organization or company that shares my values: Everyone deserves to live and be happy living. To be loved and treated fairly no matter what race, sexual orientation, or disabilities. To have access to essential needs and information. A place where the macro output is helping the world be a better place, and not at the expense of their employee’s well-being. There needs to be an openness for talking about issues. Collaboration, learning, change, and creativity is encouraged. Failure is seen as a learning experience.

As someone with a disability, I want an income that allows me to pay for any treatment I need, so I no longer need to fight for health insurance approvals. I am considering working in another country with better medical coverage if there are no improvements to the U.S. healthcare system in the future. My amazing husband, our wonderful rescue dog, and I are a very happy family full of love and support.